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Thai English Taxi is a real taxi driven by a Thai man nicknamed "Vee". That's me. My name is easy to remember, just think of the Victory sign, then "Vee".

I speak fluent English, having lived in the Washington, D.C., region (Laurel, Maryland) for 7 years, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from the Capitol Institute of Technology, and also worked in jobs where I had to socialize with a large number of ordinary American people.

I used these 7 years to improve my English every chance I got.

Actually, I love to travel and explore. Some time after returning to Thailand, I decided to find a way to travel and explore Thailand, so I switched my job to driving foreigners around Thailand as an unofficial tour guide and taxi service.

So, I bought a taxi colored sky blue with the trendy Tourism Authority of Thailand's "Unseen Thailand" logo on the hood, and put "I SPEAK ENGLISH" on top of the windshield. You can click on the photo to see a larger photo, parked in front of the Marco Polo and Solo hotels.

For particular kinds of customers, please see my pages on Tourists, Business People, Interpreter / Translator, and House & Apartment Searching.

NOTE: This is for booking me for an hour or a day or longer. Please don't call if all you need is a ride for a few kilometers on the meter. Bangkok is a vast area and the chances of me being anywhere near you at a particular moment is too small to call me for. I am just one person, so this is not a general Bangkok taxi service.

You can reach me by phone at 09-5218-4498 or if dialing internationally, +66-9-5218-4498. Please keep in mind our time zone in Thailand. We are +7 GMT. That makes us exactly 12 hours opposite Washington, D.C., most of the time (except daylight savings time shifts it 1 hour temporarily).

It is best to just call me on the phone, not by email, because I don't check my email while driving a taxi. (Also, too much spam in email.)

I understand that phone calls are not convenient for everybody, and when I'm asleep you cannot reach me by phone. However, it is always better to just try later, rather than have a message relayed. As a last resort, alternatively, you can contact me via my friend Mark's contact form at Thailand Guru and just say to forward your message to Vee. I don't put my email address on the internet because of spammers, but I will reply by email and then you can correspond with me that way after I reveal my email address privately.

It is always better to call me on the phone than to try to relay a message.

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